Board 2013

The following members give of their time and expertise to allow the SWCC to operate smoothly and continue to help people each year.

Board of Directors Board Members Advisory Board
John Collins, President
Donna Ford, Vice President
Al Oleson, VP Finance
Arlene Forrest, Secretary
Mark Keough, Treasurer

Sally Jo Clark
Jessie Allen
Rhonda Smith
Richard Dixon
Michael Ruck
Tyrone Tripp
Diana Corbo
Stacey Peterson
Larry Tripp

Ed McClements, Jr.
Mercer Ross
Jacque Johnson
Charlene Williams
Chip Clitheroe
Connee Valle
Executive Director Newsletter Editor SWCC Staff
Connie Jones

Alan Oleson

Jesse Allen

Jessie Allen
Elsa Alvarado
Anjanette McBatch-Price
Leroy Zuniga